Frequently Asked Questions (Drivers)

How do I book a spot?

1.     Go to and register (it's FREE).

2.      Next, add your vehicle (so we can confirm you've parked in the right spot):

3.     Before your upcoming event, log in and go to

You can click on "map" view for a visual of available spots, compare prices, as well as gauge the distance to the Stadium to find the best spot for you.

Why do you add a 30% fee?

Most parking management companies charge at least a 50% fee that is not visible to drivers.  Therefore, our goal is to put more money in the pockets of local homeowners and businesses.

Also, since our website is very new and basic, most of the functions are conducted manually.  As we continue to grow and develop more of the website and app, we can automate more of these functions, which will allow us to lower the fee.

What do I do if there is a problem with a spot I’ve booked?

We have a staff on the ground leading up to the event and off site waiting for customer emails.  For most problems, you can use our “contact us” form on our website and expect to hear back within a matter of minutes.  For any serious problems, you can call the number 320-293-3983.

How long can I park in a spot once its booked?

If there is no specified time frame, the default time is 2 hours before the start time of the event, and one hour after the event ends.


Frequently Asked Questions (Hosts)

How do I list a spot?

1.)   Go to

2.)   Next, create a spot profile by adding a title, description of your spot (any specific details drivers should know when parking), event price (recommended $10 - $20 per spot based on distance to venue), address, phone number, number of spots available, and an image of your spot.

3.)   After your spot is created, you must click on the listing, and then click the button “List Spot.”  This will make your listing visible to drivers and allow them to start booking.

Am I liable for any damages if a car gets damaged or if my property gets damaged?

Our terms and conditions say that hosts are not liable for any damages to their own property and/or the cars parking in their spots.  Drivers are parking under their own risk and are held liable for any damages they may cause to host property.

How does verification and enforcement work?

We have a team on the ground during every game/event that checks license plate numbers and verifies that cars are parking in the correct spot.  If a car parks in a spot that isn’t supposed to be there, we may contact you to call a tow truck.

How do I get paid?

If a spot gets booked, you can request to be paid after the event by emailing us at  We can either send a check to your mailing address, which may take 3-5 business days, or we can send your payment instantly and securely via Venmo.  Our business Venmo account’s name is @Park-Poolr.   

Also, it should be noted that we subtract a 5% fee from your earnings after each payout.  Our intention is to not make any money from these fees, but to simply cover all payment processing expenses.